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6 Technologies Replacing Traditional Passwords

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It became common knowledge that traditional passwords aren’t enough anymore for security. Even the most complicated password can be hacked. The reason is that traditional password system became old and weak and vulnerable to hacking.

Here’s 6 Password Replacements For Security Seekers.

1- Sound Proof.

Voice Recognition
Voice Recognition

This new sound technology was developed by researches in Switzerland using sound to open different accounts. It can be inserted in applications and multiple accounts and you can log in with your voice effortlessly.

2- YubiKey


This is a result from the cooperation between Google and Yubico.

It’s a USB gadget shaped as a key and works as the shape represents. Since an extra layer of protection when login using your user name and password gives better security, this key is a good option. Without it, even having the user name and password won’t be enough for you to login.

3- Heart Beat

Nymi's Electric Bracelet
Nymi’s Electric Bracelet

Developed by Nymi ,a Canadian company, this bracelet will use the person’s heartbeat to verify his identity. The company claims that as a result of further research will implement this concept into smart phones and computers.

The technology works by recording heartbeat and storing these information for future usage to login to your different accounts.

4- Physiognomy

Face Recognition
Face Recognition

This technology uses facial features to verify a person’s identity. Microsoft was the first to use it in their Windows10 using infra red cameras for increased accuracy and more data protection.

5- Iris Scan

Iris Scan
Iris Scan

We’re seeing this technology more and more common whether implemented in smart phones ,like the newly released Note 7, or laptops gives hope that personal data protection can be improved. Due to smart phones being so important for those who use it even for financial transactions, securing them is of a huge importance.

6- Fingerprint Scan

Fingerprint Scan
Fingerprint Scan

This type is becoming a common feature now in the smart phone industry which is considered to be a very reliable and efficient at a low cost method of security.


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