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Symptoms of internal bleeding

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Internal bleeding is not very different from normal bleeding, but it occurs inside the tissues of the body and organs and the blood does not appear to the eye. Internal bleeding is rarely severe or heavy, that is why it can’t be diagnosed once it happens, as it requires time for the symptoms to appear.

Symptoms of internal bleeding

Symptoms of internal bleeding vary depending on where it occurs, and the following are the most prominent symptoms of different areas of bleeding.

Tummy ache

  • Although abdominal pain may result from many cases, it can be evidence of an internal bleeding.
  • The pain is generally common in the abdomen between the rib cage and the hips.

The appearance of blood in the waste

  • When the blood appears in the waste, it can be evidence of bleeding in the digestive system, and the closer the bleeding to the intestine, the more red the blood color will be.
  • But the color of the stool may change due to the food coloring, so be sure of what you ate before administering that it is an internal bleeding.

Blood vomiting

  • Vomiting is a reflux of foods from the stomach, but when mixed with blood, it is due to internal bleeding.
  • Blood is often pink or dark red.

Blood Cough 

  • Coughs usually come out with mucus, but when mixed with blood, it is evidence of internal bleeding in the respiratory tract, throat or mouth.
  • In the case of severe respiratory bleeding, the blood appears in coughs in the form of bubbles.

Blood in the urine

  • Blood in the urine can only be observed through analysis, but in the case of severe bleeding, the color of the urine can be changed when mixed with water for pink or light red.

Excessive swelling

  • Bleeding can sometimes occur within muscle tissue or in areas close to the skin.
  • This bleeding leads to bulges and tumors in the bleeding area, and the feeling of pressure on that area.


  • The shock is rapid heartbeat and excessive sweating, and this happens when the bleeding is severe, so that the amount of blood in the veins and arteries is decreased.

Brain and head bleeding

  • Symptoms of bleeding of the brain or head are severe weakness of all parts of the body, headaches and stuttering during speech, loss of concentration, and impaired vision.

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