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Walking After Eating

Benefits of Walking After Eating

Walking in all its forms: slow and fast, on a level surface or up and down is one of the most popular sport among people of different ages, as it does...
Sports benefits to the mind

Sports benefits to the mind

Sports The sport depends on the physical exercises of the individual, in order to maintain health and physical fitness, which needs patience, strength and accuracy, to perform several mental activities and physical...

What are the Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga has been known since ancient times as a spiritual ritual originating in India. The sport is based on self-restraint within spiritual disciplines such as asceticism and meditation. The origin of...

5 Sports Material At Home Keep You Away From Going to the Gym

  Exercise is not a luxury that you can stop anytime. The body needs regular exercise and movement to function properly and can cope with various infections. In our societies, there are...
Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah, From the beginning to professionalism

It’s not long since the whole world celebrated, especially the Association of Arab Professional players, with the Egyptian player “Mohamed Salah”, in the rank of the English club Liverpool winning the...


Important activities to develop the mental abilities of your child

  Your role as a mother is not limited to feeding, showering, changing diapers and sleeping, but also helping the young mind to grow. With...