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8 signs may indicate injury of heart disease

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There are several signs or signals that through them the body tries to tell you about heart disease, do you know it? Here are the most important in the next article.

Heart disease does not appear without certain signs, but there is a list may indicate the need to consult a doctor to examine the functions of the heart and health, here are the most important.

  1. Sleep apnea

Do you notice sleep apnea? Suffering from this problem will cause a decrease in the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain.

This causes send signals to blood vessels and the heart to work more in an attempt to compensate for the deficiency to the brain.

Such this situation increases the risk of hypertension, irregular heartbeat, stroke and heart failure.

  1. Orange skin rash

The high Triglycerides in the blood can cause skin damage in the joint area of the fingers and toes in particular, and to show a skin rash tend to a yellow or orange color.

In addition, the increased fat in the blood is immunity to can be up in the arteries and other factors to raise the risk of heart disease.

  1. Weakness of your fist

The power of your fist will tell you a lot about your heart’s health when a previous scientific study indicated that a person’s ability to do something well with his hand indicates to the health of his heart.

Therefore, if you notice that you are having difficulty in catching things with your hand, this may be a sign of a problem in your heart.

  1. Dark spots down the nails

If you notice the appearance of dark spots down your nails without a reason such as a blow, it may indicate that you have a heart inflammation or valves.

These spots may also appear due to diabetes and are more likely to develop heart disease than others.

  1. Dizziness

Dizziness states often indicate to a heart problem. As the dizziness usually occurs because the heart does not pump sufficient amounts of blood into the brain.

This health condition may be a symptom of irregular heartbeat, heart failure or heart attack.

  1. Sexual problems

Some sexual problems can be caused by heart disease.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may face a problem in the circulatory system, which is weak flow on the genital organ.

For women, the lack of good blood flow to the genitals can cause dryness of the vagina and its ability to enjoy intercourse.

  1. Bleeding gums

So far, researchers and scientists have not been able to fully understand the relationship between bleeding gums and heart disease.

However, various scientific studies indicate that bleeding and swelling of the gums may indicate a heart problem.

One of the theories to explain this relationship suggests that the bacteria in the gums can reach the bloodstream and then the heart and cause some problems there.

  1. Swollen feet

Many people notice swollen feet as a result of prolonged sitting or standing, or even because of pregnancy, but did you know that swollen feet may also be due to heart disease?

If you notice swollen feet without a specific cause, consult your doctor immediately

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