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2 In 1 Dell Inspiron 17-7000 Series

Dell Inspiron 17 7778 2IN1: Who needs a 17 inch tablet?

Overview of the DELL Inspiron 17 7778 2IN1 A 17 inch convertible laptop from dell with a great display and tablet mode. . It's available in multiple configurations, you can know all...

13 new feature of the operating system iOS

  Apple had launched the new version of iOS as usual every year to put many new features of its customers to develop the ability of customers to deal with the phone...

Gmail can complete emails now … Here’s how

One of the best ads for Google I / O this year was the new Gmail feature, Smart Compose, which can complete emails entirely for you, and unlike many other Google...
smart devices

Ways to control children’s use of smart devices

Smart devices have many advantages when children deal with them, and they have a lot of harms, so we have to control the children sitting in front of them. Here are...

How to Block Websites in Safari on iPhone and iPad

If you have children who use your iPhone or iPad or use your device frequently and want to control what kind of content they can access when browsing the Web in...


All You Need To know About The Deep Web

The Deep Web is more important than most think. We hear a lot from friends or on the internet or even in movies...