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iPhone X

“Apple” proposes a strange solution to solve the problem of face ID

Does your iPhone's "Face ID" work incorrectly? Maybe it's related to the back camera and that's according to a new update in the Apple service policy obtained by MacRumors. According to a...

The Not-So-Romantic Story Behind the Famous Times Square Kiss

As one of the most famous American World War II era photographs circulated again in celebration of the anniversary of Victory over Japan Day on Friday, the New York Daily News...

8 tips to capture better photos by any camera

Best tips and tricks to capture magnificent photos! It is not required to have the best camera and lens in the world to capture wonderful and impressive photos, on the contrary you...
360 Photos

How to take 360 degrees photos and add them via Facebook!

Facebook 360 Photos Facebook has recently released the ability to share 360 photos and it became available for many uses; however, many of them don't know how to take them and share...


The most prominent types of ornamental dogs

There are many types of dogs and the most prominent of these types of so-called ornamental dogs, and what distinguishes these dogs from others...
How to care for dry hair

How to care for dry hair