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How to Perfect Foreign languages in Just 4 Weeks.

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Are you thinking about learning a language? Great, you only need to follow this quick method of learning foreign languages invented by Leo Anders, a 64 years old who fluently speaks 20 languages.

Anders gave the Italians the innovative method for studying a foreign language in only one month which is just enough period to communicate easily with the natives who speak that particular language. He also mentioned the Danish way which is considered to be a challenge for traditional school.

Regarding age, education and skills, they all deemed unimportant. Thus, anybody and everybody can speak a foreign language in just 4 weeks. Following this method also allows for learning 2 languages simultaneously.

You’re probably wondering if it’s even possible. This is was the report of the Italian newspaper Fatti Quotidiani answered exactly.

Experiment Is The Biggest Proof.

In this regard, an experiment was conducted to test this miraculous method. Someone used it in learning German and it seemed funny at the beginning. How a 53 years old elderly could  possibly learn speaking German fluently in only one month. However, after studying for only 30 minutes daily, it showed how effective Leo’s method is.

Although learning in the beginning was hard due to confusing idioms and difficulty in pronunciation, consistency paid off very well and the learner started to feel proud that he added a new linguistic treasure.

The learner managed in just a few days to understand simple German sentences whereas conversing with them in only 2 weeks. He was able to order coffee and speak with Germans.

In this context the man said: ” I still have 2 weeks of studying, however, i certainly do speak German fluently”. He also pointed to the fact that Leo’s method is highly effective and that he assures for the majority to hugely benefit from this method.

Magical Way For Learning Languages.

Leo Andres’ method is different from other traditional methods. You can use it only when you feel enjoyment and excited about learning the language. He worked for 15 years to create a special online program for teaching languages which allowed him to learn 20 languages.

His tips are: 

  1. You must repeat what you learnt over and over till it’s implemented in your memory.
  2. Customize part of the brain in learning and remember the language through using the newly learnt language naturally during conversations.
  3. Quick memorizing because it prevents the words from being forgotten.

Leo mentioned that the most important thing in learning a new language is will-power and a love for learning. Everybody stars from point zero and after 4 weeks, they’re able to communicate very effectively with what they learnt and that will be possible only by following those tips and techniques and applying them daily for the learner to be able to achieve his goal as fast as possible.

Other Tips From Shannon Skinner To Help You As Well:

  1. Listen to audio recordings of the language during the gym or during doing another activity like driving the car or housework.
  2. Watch native movies of that language.
  3. Start your morning and end your day with learning a new sentence.
  4. Search for a place where you can practice your new language.
  5. Take small breaks from work with a colleague or someone who either knows the language or ready to help.
  6. Register yourself in local communities or online to be more connected and interactive with more people of the same interest.
  7. If possible, take a holiday in the native country whereas lifting your spirit will help you in learning this new language and being at the native country will only courage you to learn more and more each day.
  8. Try to use your new language with your loved ones or even your pet.

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