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The Notorious: What Is Your Greatest Weakness?! Question.

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Your greatest weakness is a frequently asked question in interviews and usually people get confused and can’t answer it correctly.

Here, we’ll cover how to speak about your weaknesses.

There’re multiple ways of answering this particular question and we’ll include them all (worst to best).

1- Irrelative Answers. ( Worst) 

For example, I can’t cook, i can’t talk Japanese etc. These questions are very provocative to the interviewer.

2- Past weakness fixed now. (Mediocre)

I was such an angry person but i learnt anger management.

I was very shy but i learnt to speak up and so on.

Usually,  he’ll tell you that he wants existing weaknesses and what you can’t do right now.

3- Alleviate an existing weakness into a strength. (Best Way)

For example, I’m very bad at memorizing so i try to usually write so that i don’t forget. Smart phones are so handy with reminder applications and calendar functionality. To do lists in the beginning of the day are a very important as well.

Important Consideration:
  • If the interviewer found about a weakness during your speaking and confronted you with it, don’t get shocked.  They’re very experienced people and usually they have some degree of psychiatry.
  • If he’s not mistaken, it’s better to not deny the weakness.  For example, if he pointed out that you’ve been sitting at home not searching for a job for quite a while or left your previous work place with or because of a problem.
  • In this case, you shouldn’t lie and try to justify why you were.
Some answers:
  • I had so much to catch up in a certain language and I wanted to learn it and now I can speak it fluently.
  • Breaking up with my partner was very devastating and I needed a time out of everything to clear my mind and have some time for myself.
  • I was resting, preparing myself for the big storm but now I’m done resting and I want to make a difference in my life. I searched for this job and passing the preliminary application tests weren’t easy but I passed them and I’m here in the final stage which proves my desire to make it happen.

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