The Deep Web
The Deep Web
  • The Deep Web is more important than most think. We hear a lot from friends or on the internet or even in movies about it. That it’s full of crime, Mafia, black market, all sorts of illegal trading. Let’s get to know more about the Deep Web.

What is the Deep Web?

  • Reading the names of it ( the deep or dark web) makes us have the impression that it’s mysterious but it’s not. We can name anything that’s not accessed by the regular browser as Deep Web. Most of the information and the databases are hidden and stays away from search engines.
  • We also can’t say that the Deep Web only has criminal activities. While that holds true like drug dealing, porn, sexual assaults and many others, that’s only a small portion of it. There’s an immense information about huge organisations on the Deep Web to hide it or have it protected.
  • For example, there’re a huge portion of important NASA information about weather forecast, economical organisations and huge data bases of websites like Wikileaks and much much more.
  • It also contains lots of university resources which can not be accessed by regular internet users.
  • Now we know that crime forms only a very small portion of the Deep Web.
  •  The Dark Web also is a part of the Deep Web not only because you can’t find it via search engines but also because it requires special browsers.
  • It’s a home hosting lots of anonymous websites that majorly deals with illegal activities such as drug dealing, extremism, gun trading,  etc.
  •   The concept of The Dark Web was originally created for military purposes. Such information needed a special type of protection based on anonymity and the regular internet traffic will expose it to extreme danger.

How to connect to the Deep Web?

TOR: The Onion Router.

  • When installing this browser you can use it normally as any regular internet browser but with more security. One of the most important options is ” Forbid Scripts Globally” which provides a lot of protection and it’s preferable to use  a VPN before connecting.
  • A good Anti-Virus is recommended before connecting.
  • The 2 most common search engines in the Dark Web are Duckduckgo and Torch.