Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a type of cancer which affects the tissues of the breast and milk glands. The cancer forms as a tumor destroying the breast tissues which are the main formation of the breast.

Studies show that one in 8 women is exposed to breast cancer in a period of her life. Here’s a statistics showing the spread of this disease across the world.

Statistics Figure
Statistics Figure

Breast cancer isn’t how it was 20 years ago. The chances of treatment and surviving it has increased tremendously. The reason why is increased public awareness, early diagnosis and advancement in drugs and treatment methods.

Let’s Know More About This Disease And How To Avoid It. 

1- Causes


The chance of getting breast cancer is directly proportional to age. 77% of infected are +55 years old while only 18% in women in their forties.


Breast Cancer Cell
Breast Cancer Cell

Statistics indicate  that 5% to 10% are genetics related specifically distortion in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Needful to say that both men and women have these genes equally so it can be passed from either the father or the mother. It’s worth mentioning that infected close relatives like (mother, sister, uncle, cousin, grandpa, etc) increase the chances of getting breast cancer by double.


Delayed pregnancy

In other words, delaying the first born after 30 years old.

Contraceptives Which Are Taken From The Mouth

Statistics show a slight increase in chances of getting breast cancer by contraceptives taken through the mouth, however, these chances are alleviated once the drugs are stopped.


Breastfeeding can lower the chances of getting this disease specially if the period exceeds a year and a half.

Progesterone And Estrogen

Especially after menopause, you should have a discussion about the benefits and the harm these drugs can cause.

Obesity and Fat Food

Especially after climacteric but it’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t add any factor if it exists since youth.


Sport can reduce the chances of getting this diseases if it’s persistent even if for just 1.25 to 2.30 hours per week. It can reduce the chances of getting affected by 18%

Environmental pollution

specially insecticide and other polluting substances like Polychlorinated biphenyls


It can increase the chances of getting infected but it hasn’t been proven yet.


*Some of these symptoms can happen because of other diseases and it doesn’t really prove of a cancer existence. 

Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer
Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer
  • Appearance of an unusual dry spiral body in the breast or underarms.
  • A change in the shape or size of the breast.
  • Bleeding nibbles
Symptoms Of Breast Cancer
Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

*The bleeding could be of a yellowish, greenish or whitish color.

  • Pain or expansion or uncomfortable feeling in the breast.
  • Inflammation of the skin and the appearance of visible big arteries

Symptoms Of Advanced Stages:

  • Bone ache, fatigue, arm swelling and skin ulcers.



Early diagnosis of cancer is the best way for treatment and survival.

The best time to do this test is after a week from the end of the menstruation period. After menopause, you can check your breasts in the first day of each month. If the uterus was removed, please ask your doctor about the best time to perform this test.

 During Showers

Using soap makes it easy. Use your opposite hands to check your opposite breast ( right hand checks the left breast and left hand checks the left breast)

In Front Of A Mirror

Stand straight in front of a mirror with your hands around the waist then raise your arms or behind your head and make sure there isn’t any change in size or shape or color in both breast and nibbles with the focus on the underarms part and the area between the breasts.

*The little difference between the size of the two breasts is normal. Nothing to worry about. 

Lie down Test


lie down on your back and put a pillow under your shoulders. Bend your left elbow behind your head and check your left breast with your right arm and reverse the process for checking your right breast.

 Using Fingers Method 

Move your right hand fingers on your left breast in a circular motion all the way to the armpits and make sure you don’t feel any mass then reverse the process.


Gently press on your nibbles to check if there’s any bleeding

*Continuous self-check eases your mind and increases your chances of early diagnosis if something happen. 

Clinical Tests:

Considered to be one of the best ways to diagnose even if it can’t be physically visible.

Breast Ultrasound

Breast Ultrasound
Breast Ultrasound

This method distinguishes the degree of cancer or tumor and one of the advantages is that the lady isn’t exposed to any radiation and gives a clear diagnosis when the breast tissues are thick.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Of The Breast ( MRIB)


Considered to be complement for breast ultrasonic.

Breast Biopsy 

Breast Biopsy
Breast Biopsy

The only way to determine if it’s cancer or not is to do this test. It’ll take a tissue of the breast for further laboratory researches. Sometimes a small needle is used or a surgery in others to take a small mass and results will show if it’s cancer.


Surgery consists of 2 solutions. Whether to only remove the infected part ( the tumor) or remove the whole breast and all that is determined by your doctor.

5- Treatments



Radiation treatment uses high energy radiation to kill cancer cells. It can be used after a surgery to permanently any remaining cancer cells. It can also be used side to side with chemical treatment.

Chemical Treatment

It can be used as a complement after a surgery to alleviate any chances of the disease to come back. In the case of older women, it can be used to control the cancer cells.

Using Hormones

This treatment is effective specially if the cancer is growing fast. The response to progesterone and estrogen is very fast. It’s usually used after a surgery to help reduce any chances of the disease to come back.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction
Breast Reconstruction

Many of women who have their breasts removed, use tissues from other parts of the body like abdominal tissues to rebuild the breast. Some choose for the rebuilding surgery to be performed after the removal surgery and some wait a couple of months or years.

6- Men Are Also Exposed To Breast Cancer. 

Not only women but also men are exposed to breast cancer however the chances are very low. The chances of women getting breast cancer is 100 times more than men but the very small chance still occurs specially in their sixties and seventies.

7- Life After Diagnosis

Undoubtedly cancer is a different life experience. It will be surrounded by treatments and it can be really hard running business or daily routines and social life with some loneliness feeling. Family and friends should give moral support to hep the treatment and with housework. There’re also support teams online which you can join.

8- Survival Rates

Early Detection
Early Detection

Heavily dependent on early diagnosis. According to statistic, 100% of stage 1 women live at least 5 years compared unaffected women with most of those women remain completely free of cancer cells. For advanced stages, numbers can be improved as more effective treatments are discovered and developed.