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360 Photos

How to take 360 degrees photos and add them via Facebook!

Facebook 360 Photos Facebook has recently released the ability to share 360 photos and it became available for many uses; however, many of them don't know how to take them and share...

Hypnosis: is it real or a bogus? Find about it here!

Hypnosis, hypnotherapy, how it works? Why one should experience it? Despite the fact that most of us views hypnosis as a trick, but it might be the solution to many health issues...
Bugatti Veyron

What your car color says about you!

Fun facts about the car color and what does it tell about your personality? Colors exist everywhere around us and in any time except if you closed your eyes, but you do...
North Pole

The North Pole Enchantment: What You Don’t Know.

Summer and Global warming all give the feeling of heat and the desperate need of having a mini air conditioning carrying it wherever you go and a little hallucination of a...
20 Clever ways to use tea bags

20 Tea bag uses that you don’t know about!

Tea bags in steamy water! You may not realize the importance of tea bag uses, but in fact it has a group of fantastic uses. Hence, we recommend keeping your own tea...
Right and Left sided brain

Left side brain, right side? Clearing all those myths and beyond!

Are you of a left sided brain or of a right sided brain? Are you of a left sided brain or of a right sided brain? Of course you have heard these...
Car tire

Ultra high performance tires? The complete tire guide!

How to choose the correct tire for your car? You always wonder what is the suitable tire for your car? Despite the progress that automotive tire industry witnesses nowadays to aid its...

8 Worst Mistakes You Could Make In Your Twenties!

You finish your education in your twenties. You're certain or at least have a pretty vivid idea of you want to do with your life, what you're good at and  a...
Nature moving rocks

10 Weird phenomena that kept scientist wondering!

Weird phenomena puzzled scientists: 10 phenomena cannot be explained! Whatever we learn, we cannot reach perfection. With everything knowledge we learn, God reveals something to us, and we are still on earth...

8 Lies about SEO that you believe!

8 lies about the Search Engine Optimization .. Don’t believe them! If you go to Google to search for a Search Engine Optimization, you will find thousands of results that make you...


Margot Kidder

Superman movies heroine died at the age of 69 years

The movie star, Margot Kidder, known as Louise Lane in the Superman series movies, died at the age of 69. The funeral was on Sunday...