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Methods to eliminate the body from gases and constipation

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Compounding gases and constipation is one of the most prominent gastrointestinal problems that appear continuously due to dietary habits or body nature. These problems usually appear together and can appear separately. Intestinal disorders are the most important conditions that help to increase the effect of these problems. And usually the body dispose gases and constipation automatically but it takes some time, and fortunately there are some ways to get rid of the them faster, and in this article we will review the best ways to get rid of   gases and constipation.

Methods to eliminate the body from gases and constipation

The person could be constipated for two main reasons: poor intestinal movement or lack of adequate fluids in the waste, so there are two ways to solve the problem of constipation.

First stimulate the bowel movement

  • There are some foods and drinks that can be taken to stimulate the bowel movement, notably coffee
  • Caffeine in the coffee stimulates the bowel movement, but be careful not to drink a large amount of coffee because it increases the urination and thus get the opposite result.
  • Drinking about one cup of coffee in the morning can stimulate the bowel movement.
  • Exercising and continuous movement have a big role in stimulating the bowel movement to get rid of constipation
  • The best timing for exercising is during the morning to start an active day and get rid of constipation problems, and you do not have to practice harsh exercises as walking only is enough to do the job.

Second increase the amount of fluid

  • The waste produced by the digestive system needs fluids to help it move.
  • Before you start taking fluids, it is best to stay away from the foods that cause fluid retention in the body, most notably those containing sodium salts.
  • One of the indirect ways to make up for fluids and to get rid of constipation is to eat foods rich in fiber, as fiber works to treat constipation in two ways.
  • Fiber increases the volume of waste, making it less dense and thus easier to move. Water soluble fibers also retain water inside them, increasing fluid ratios.

Disposal of gases

  • Gases are produced naturally within the human intestine because of bacteria, but the amount of gases varies from one person to another because of the state of health, and some types of foods can increase from the production of these gases.
  • The best way to get rid of these gases is to follow an appropriate diet and stay away from ready-made foods.
  • One of the most prominent foods that increase the production of gases are legumes, and it is worth mentioning that milk may cause gas to some people and elderly people.
  • Some people usually follow house made recipes for the elimination of gases, which is herbal tea, and the most important herbs that help to remove and rid the body from gases are anise, cumin and rosemary.

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