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Make Your Personality Strong!

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How to Have a Strong Personality?

You may think that dealing with a strong personality is difficult to comprehend because one does not understand this type of personality, but did you ever search how to be of a strong personality? Some people may think it is a controlling personality but whatever the truth is, these beliefs do not reflect the strong personality at all.

Regardless of the surrounding circumstances, one may need to depend on a strong mentality and to have a strong personality in order to face the different challenges of life. This type of character possesses such characteristics. A strong mind possesses a great ability to face challenges since it is a strong mean of resources, mental skills and material abilities to face different difficulties. A person whom possesses a strong way of thinking will have energy to face challenges and tolerance.  Mental strength gives us courage to dispose anxiety and stress which we suffer from in life since it is a mentality that consists of a group of various characteristics.

How to Be of a Strong Personality?

What Is Personality?

Personality is how we think, feel and act and makes our use of anything different from other people. Character consists of a group of characteristics which we call a good personality. It is well know that reaching success needs a group of good characteristics.

How to Develop Your Personality?

One may think that his\her personality is permanent which means that you are who you are and one can never change. William James, psychologist in Harvard university, states that principles of psychology books illustrate that personalities are flexible and they are not unchangeable. Hence, one can control the characteristics he\she would like to develop or improve.

Possessing a strong personality improves social life inside the house and your career in addition to insuring a happier life in general. Some people do not have a charismatic personality and others are good listeners and provide good advice. It is important to have the ability to build and develop the personality which truly reflects how you would like to be. One often wonders how to be of a strong personality and if a person really wants to achieve this, it is a must to specify why one needs to be of a strong personality and how much it is important is his\her life.

 What is the secret behind a strong personality? There are five essential factors which form a strong personality and they are as follows:

  • Self confidence
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Control
  • Goals

These factors may not be a secret blend but it is how to benefit from your own power and to enjoy a strong mind is what essential. If one possesses a strong personality, it is possible to express such skills and situations daily regardless of what happens in daily life. Some people may face mental difficulties but the good news is one can learn how to possess a strong personality.

Here are some advices in order to possess a strong personality:

  • Self-confidence:

Self-confidence helps to overcome many disciplines and strong challenges. When levels of self-confidence decrease, this will lead to confrontation difficulty. One may think that taking simple steps is trivial but it is only through these steps that one may overcome a group of different setbacks which are unthought of since many minor improvements rely on its’ own success. Moreover, they are considered simple tangible steps which resemble climbing a mountain step by step and it is not by taking huge leaps. We are less likely to feel that we out of control if we can specify small problems within bigger situations. These small achievements enable the individual to reach a higher level. In conclusion, self-confidence is the strong belief in oneself and abilities to achieve his\her goals.

  • Courage.

A person cannot overcome something that he\she is afraid of doing. Strength stems from facing obstacles and reaching deep determination. Courage stems from facing with one inner self and developing a strong mind. Subsequently, a person should repeat a group of encouraging phrases to him\herself such as ‘’ there is no need to panic, you can do it, waiting will only make it worse, now is the best, there is no need to postpone confrontation..etc”. Fear will weaken your will and it ceases to exist in a strong personality. Courage is all about facing challenges and obstacles in life rather than being afraid which will eventually lead to avoidance.

  • Commitment.

Commitment is defined as discipline and it is one of the seven habits of effective personality. People who are uncommitted mostly lack success. Competence is not a genetic feature as blue eyes but it is a result of hard work and concentration to achieve the desired result. Nobody achieve success overnight and failure as well does not happen instantly.  A disciplined person can find innovative and important solutions. The best form of commitment stems from urgent need to excel in the way of thinking and work.

  • Control.

Control is defined as achieving balance in inner conflict and finding means which empower oneself and affect his\her life results and direction. A strong mind controls feelings of fear and concentrates on reaching the goal. Achieving the aforementioned requires the individual to perform a group of exercises which help control life matters and empty the mind of inner thoughts in order to fully concentrate on one thing. Once the mind is settled, the individual is able to face false beliefs of oneself and they can be changed easily. Control is the belief that one is able to confront and accept fateful events and not concentrate on negative aspects.

  • Goals.

Goals are one of the essential factors to form a strong personality because a person must live his life according to a sought-for goal. This can be achieved regardless of the challenges and changes one faces in life if he\she depends on personal important values and principles. Such achievement will add a great meaning to one life. The tragedy of life does not impede reaching your goals but the real tragedy is not setting goals. The calamity is not dying with achieving your dreams but the real disaster is not having a dream to seek. In order to become of a strong personality, one must have his\her own goals and dedication to achieve them. Moreover, these goals must be compatible with your own values.

  • Be a Better Listener.

Being a good listener is one of the important skills which a strong personality must have.  Being a good listener is achieved through looking directly in the eyes of the speaker and paying attention during his\her speech in order for the speaker to feel important. A person is considered of a strong personality when the other speaker feels as if he is the only person in the world.

  • Read Something New Everyday.

A strong personality does not stem from body strength but it derives from a strong mind. Whenever a person reads something new every day, the more his\her interest increases and becomes more powerful and interesting.

  • Setting a Goal In Your Life.

A strong personality consists of a group of goals which a person sets and seeks to achieve. Moreover, a strong personality means to define what you want to do and to plan your time well. Specifying goals is an important step in order to become a strong and successful personality.

  • Have Your Own Opinion.

When trying to speak with someone who do not have an opinion about the concerned subject, one will not attempt to go again and speak with such person. One should have a distinctive point of view about different subjects in order to become more interesting and possess a strong, charismatic personality.

  • Be Yourself.

This step is considered the most tiring one. Each one of us has a unique personality, thus, one should not pretend to have a different personality because this will weaken his\her character in front of others. One should not copycat others because this will not reveal a strong personality.

  • Be an Active Listener.

When conversing with others, it is advisable to engage in the conversation in order to make others feel appreciated and to demonstrate your mind strength and distinctive way of thinking.

  • Acknowledging Your Mistakes.

Acknowledging your mistakes does not indicate a weak personality. On the contrary, it takes a strong personality to face your own mistakes and when you find out your mistakes, they can be transformed into strong features rather than weaknesses.

  • Feed Your Mind.

A person becomes strong in the eyes of others when he\she learn more languages and different hobbies which feed and help grow the mind. If a person shows certain interest towards a specific hobby, then he\she must continue practicing it.

  • Do Not Be Judgmental.

Constantly judging others does not strengthen your personality, as this act is considered one of the characteristics of those of weak personalities. They tend to constantly judge and rate others. Moreover, they are always anxious about what others may think about them and what will be their reaction. Anxiety about the reaction of others will not solve the problem, yet when one cease to judge people he\she may be more relaxed and mentally stronger.

  • Acknowledge Your Weaknesses.

One cannot show his\her strengths without acknowledging his\her weaknesses. If one continued his\her life without acknowledging his problems and trying to solve them, he\she will not possess or live with a strong personality.

  • Support the Others.

When one shows support to the others, he\she is strengthening cooperation and sharing within. One should try to show his\her support and sharing when needed to them.

Group of Strong Personality Characteristics.

  • Bearing responsibilities and not evade it.
  • Ability to achieve hard works.
  • To welcome the challenges of life to be able to face them.
  • Ability to control your actions and emotions.
  • Ability to change and achieving it in a way that provides support for your will.
  • Do not be afraid to speak your mind and confront others with different opinions.
  • One to be ready to achieve a group of his\her risks of life to enhance your position.
  • Learn from your mistakes in order not to do them again.
  • Committing to achieve your own goals.
  • Preparing to accept all the surprises that you will go through.


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