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Left side brain, right side? Clearing all those myths and beyond!

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Are you of a left sided brain or of a right sided brain?

Are you of a left sided brain or of a right sided brain? Of course you have heard these terms “right sided brain, left sided brain” which is responsible of your way of thinking or attempting to describe your personal interests. First and foremost, human brain is divided into two different parts each of them has his own features; they are left sided brain and right sided brain. These different parts of brain have different ways of thinking and dealing with things. Despite that each one uses both sides while dealing with things and thinking and both parts work together to help forming an opinion, understanding the world and forming a much better personal experience through using one of them more than the other. This article illustrates that a list of features of people of left sided brain, in addition to those of right sided brain in order to be able to discover which part of the brain describe what you really are. There are a fair amount of people that uses the right side of the brain while others use left side of brain this is one of the known facts to many; however, one of the two sides maybe more dominant than the other and balance may not be achieved between them. Once clear understanding occurs on whether left sided brain is more dominant than right sided brain or otherwise through knowing more about dealing with information to be more aware of how to interact with people, things and events that happens in your life.

Are you of left sided brain or right sided brain?

Features of people of left sided brain

People of left sided brain are mainly characterized with verbal skills and rational thinking. People of left side brain focus on acquiring different skills, understanding the situation rationally or through a more logical sequence and concentrating on individualistic events which form the whole situation. On the contrary to those of right sided brain, they tend to fix things through presenting the situation of instincts, visual images and observing things from a more comprehensive perspective before trying to accurately analyze details of the situation.

Some of the main features of people of left sided brain:

  • Responds well to guidelines and verbal instructions.
  • Deal with problems and different cases through analyzing the problem and look at different things to comprehend information and the whole topic components.
  • Analyze the differences of things.
  • Prefers to get certain information.
  • Organize things and plans for them.
  • Prefers multiple choice question tests.
  • Possess a special ability to control emotions.

Here are some features of people of left sided brain in details:


Logical Thinking
Logical Thinking

People of left sided brain possess the ability to create but children who use this side still have high capability to achieve tasks that requires critical thinking, reading, speaking and remembering well and the difference between them and those of right sided brain is that they give more significance to logic and checking the situation well before writing or talking about the matter, they are dealing with the problem in a more logical way.

Critical thinking:

Math World
Math World

People of left sided brain excel in mathematics or anything that depends on critical thinking. These people have a big memory so they utilize past experiences to deal with current problems. When one adds critical thinking to that of left sided brain, he\she will be more successful comparing to people who depend on the right side

Speaking and language:


People of left side want to expand their experience and learn new languages from scratch, and often they come on top because part of the brain controls listening through left side. This is the reason behind why people of left side are good listeners and their ability to learn new skills through listening and because they utilize logical thinking they are able to express this thinking through perfect words.


Self Sufficiency World
Self Sufficiency World

Features of left side includes adapt with their surroundings faster and better, this means that sometimes they want to follow rules. On the other hand, people of right side tend to break rules and follow their instincts. This means that those of left side are able to achieve self-sufficiency and adapt with their new surrounding easily.



People of the left side are more talented when it comes to artistic creativity. This does not mean that they do anything in their minds in a decisive and logical way and language helps them to create a fine artistic impression, you may not find them skilled in abstract art but they are good in creating impressions of craft art. They might be also photographers and directors.



Do not expect leading thoughts from people of left side, they can take a great idea and operate it with their logical and analytical thinking. This means that both sides of the brain need to work to constantly generate different ideas.

People of right sided brain:

Left side brain
Left side brain

People of the right side tend to use intuitive thinking instead of logical thinking. One of the most common methods to differentiate between right and left side of brain is that they have different way to describe directions to a certain stop. When you need to go to a certain place, people of the right side describe routes through a set of instructions and directions. He\she will describe route to street 15 as you will find the shopping center on your right, then you will pass through two traffic light. Afterwards, you will see the office’s building of blue color on left side of Sycamore Street. From this area you need to reach the most accessible spot to reach the desired street, moreover you will find red and green lights of traffic to help you go left and get to the second house on your left and guide you to your direction. On the other hand, you will find people of left side describe the route in simplest of ways through direct description; you go east through street 15 then south through Sycamore Street for three blocks, afterwards turn west Church Street. Hence, people of the left side give detailed, realistic and direct information.

Some of the main features of people of right side are as follows:

  • Good response to visual instructions and live proofs.
  • More spontaneous and flexible.
  • Attracted more towards hard-to-get or uncertain information.
  • Solves problems using different speculations.
  • Loves similarities or symmetries.
  • Connects between things according to the essential correlation between them.
  • Works on analyzing similarities.
  • Prefers seeking professions of authority.
  • Prefers to ask open questions.
  • They can easily manipulate things and drawings.
  • They are good at expressing their emotions.

The benefits of understanding left and right brain:

Truth be told, an individual needs to utilize both right and left sides of the brain in order to reach a more accurate way of thinking. Moreover, utilizing both sides will help processing more accurate brain operations and obtain better thinking skills. However, thanks to the differences between individuals, one can distinguish between the right side of the brain and the left side. Dr. Roger Sebry, who executed a wide area of researches around this topic in 1960, mentioned in his two studies that there are a group of deductions and results which indicate the weak points regarding some individuals which should help in identifying which professions are suitable for us which we will achieve excellence due to pre-existent innate abilities. The primary benefit for understanding which side of the brain is dominant developing some methods to treat our weak points. Surely, most of us do not feel their own weak points easily. However, once a person is aware of these points, it will help him\her achieve more co-operations during daily interactions. In any case, one can develop characteristics, whether they belong to the left side or right side, which need improvement. Moreover, one must be aware of the activities which should help train the least-used side of the brain and it will provide great help if you want to live a better, more loyal and balanced life.


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