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Learn How To Standout In A Job Interview!

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How To Answer: Why Should We Hire You? Variant Questions. 

This is an infamous question that’s asked in a job interview. It’s considered hard because people don’t really know to answer it correctly and that’s for a lot of reasons.

One of the reasons is lack of researching the job you’re applying for and not being able sell ourselves correctly.

Your answer to this question should highly emphasize why you’re the best suitable candidate for this job among all applicants. Your answer should also point to how different you are from them.

This will come from your preparations before you go. Your excessive information and research about the job requirements, company and maybe the interviewer.

Here’s what people usually fall into while answering this question.

1- Conceited and Arrogant.

” I’m too good at what I do. I’ll bring you more money than you made before and hiring me will help clean your image in the market with exponential growth”

2- Whiny desperate beggar.

” I’ve have so many stumbles in my life recently. I’m 2 months behind on my rent. I don’t eat much and I’m really settling for anything to comes with no complaints”

*Both ways are effective if you wanna get fired before you even get hired.

The Correct way:

1- Intelligently articulate your answer based on your research knowledge about the job and company. Cleverly inject the qualities that the interviewer in their potential candidate.

2- Explicitly state what makes you different than the other applicants.

*More experience in a previous work, a certain course that they didn’t take or an extra language. 

3- If possible during your research, learn why they’re hiring and bring that problem to light.

“I know that you have a problem in your website’s database and you need a programmer who can fix it and future proof it for future maintenance yet you want a beginner because you can’t afford an expert with a high salary. I can fix it using this certain method and with my experience working with programming for 2 years and money isn’t that much of a problem for me till i prove myself in this position.” They wouldn’t stand a chance.

Important Notes:

Practice presenting your answers in a formal yet casual way. The soul purpose of this questions is testing your confidence and making sure that you got what they’re searching for. There’re certain qualities that each employer searches for and not only about the job itself but also if you’ll blend in as a person into the company’s regulations and employees.



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