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Ultra high performance tires? The complete tire guide!

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How to choose the correct tire for your car?

You always wonder what is the suitable tire for your car? Despite the progress that automotive tire industry witnesses nowadays to aid its survival for a long time. However, the lifespan of tire usage depends on the car brand; choosing the tire depends on season, high performance of the car, driving aggressiveness, roads and even weather. There is still an urge to change the car tire a few times or more of all car parts because nothing lasts forever.

Health maintenance and moderate driving can achieve as much miles as possible for different tires. You can schedule a monthly maintenance for your tires and if there is anything wrong you can replace any of them. When trying to answer a question about which type of tire am I looking for? The answer is that it depends on car brand and driving style. Choosing the wrong tire leads to spending more money in vain, here are some tips that will help you buy suitable tires.

How to pick the suitable tire for your car?

Mid-range tires:

To those interested in getting tires for mid-range vehicles, Goodyear owns a sample of special group of positives such as high performance. Moreover, it offers a wide range of measures to achieve excellent scores. Additionally, it enjoys controlling humidity and tweaking resistance perfectly. Concerning the noise that may happen, it has the least value dB available in markets.

New sport car tires:

Pirelli offers one of the most attractive options available when it comes to tires that suit SUVs, which are p zero tires that were recently developed in order to be utilized in new cars to boost performance and durability. Furthermore, it helps in limiting fuel consumption. One of the competitors is Pirelli sport Uniroyal advana in 105, it has good performance standard, accomplishes the maximum amount of control, inability to break on all dry and wet surfaces and it is convenient for SUVs.

Winter tires:

Winter tires
Winter tires

Pirelli suggests that the sottozero 3 is convenient for driving in winter. Additionally, it is perfect for SUVs and high performance cars. It is the best way for using polymers to offer higher performance, excellent contact surface and durability. These tires are already suitable as it owns performance rates approved by the biggest esteemed car manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren and Mercedes. There is a better option when it comes to winter tires which are Michelin as it is suitable for SUVs and provides high performance, good safety and control. This brand is convenient for different winter problems.

Tires of better performance:

Ultra high performance tire
Ultra high performance tire

Finally this category is the best tires and achieves excellent performance. They are Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT and Continental ContiSportContact, these tires provides high car performance and focuses on perfect sizes.

Types of tires:

When the time comes to replace your own tires, you should have enough knowledge about your car brand in order to know the available options. In most cases, you want to replace the tire with a similar option, equal in size and speed rating. Try to pick tires that achieve good performance, more control, good rotation and the least level of noise for your car. You can check the full assessments of tires with more details as follows:

All seasons tires:

Each season needs a tire with different features that come with sizes that fits everything from small cars to mini SUVs and vans. It is suitable for a long time but each season needs accuracy and control on performance of tires.

  • Speed rating: achieves 112 miles/hour.
  • Movement guarantee: 40,000-100,000 miles.
  • Wheel size model: 14-18 inches.

Performance of all seasons tires:

It provides performance of all seasons tires over the year and controls spirited driving. Additionally, it rates speed higher than the standard each season tires and provides better control for all seasons ones.

  • Speed rating: 130 miles/hour, 149 miles/hour.
  • Movement guarantee: 40,000-80,000 miles.
  • Wheel size: 15-20 inches.

High performance tires:

High performance tires of sedan or sport cars usually suits summer. All UHP tires are designed to provide good handling and steering especially in dry and wet circumstances. Moreover, providing rest for the wheel and joint concessions. Hence, UHP tires are convenient for the summer.

  • Speed rating: 149-168 miles/hour.
  • Wheels guarantee: 30,000-60,000 miles.
  • Wheels size: 17-22 inches.

All seasons truck tires:

Truck tire
Truck tire

All seasons truck tires are designed because trucks and SUVs need heavy loads. They are very good and designed to fit in all seasons to perform well.

  • Speed ratings: 112 miles/hour.
  • Wheels guarantee: 40,000-80,000 miles.
  • Wheels size: 15-22 inches.

Rugged terrains truck tires:

Engineers are looking to find suitable tires for all rugged terrains for heavy vehicles. Furthermore, for paved roads and using lights on rugged roads. A more horizontal design was built for rugged and even snowy roads.

  • Speed rating: 112 miles/hour for most of people.
  • Wheels guarantee: 50,000-60,000 miles.
  • Wheels size: 15-20 inches.

Snow tires:

Snow tires
Snow tires

Snowy roads needs good control alongside good speed and the fastest tires when cold weather comes as it is designed especially for snow driving. Rubber was included in the tires to increase its flexibility in low temperatures. Additionally, winter tires needs to be suitable for winter; you can test snow, winter and sport car tires.

  • Speed rating: 99 miles/hour.
  • Wheels size: 14-22 inches.

Wheels cover:

Wheels cover brand was found in most of new tires which is a new brand with high performance. Manufacturers utilizes different methodologies to make the tire covers longer miles/hour across different brands.

Excessive inflation:

It has a quick central cover within.

Lower inflation:

Quick side cover.

Incorrect alignment:

Quick one sided cover of tires.

Correctly modified ones:

cover all over the tire.

Tire pressure monitoring systems:

Tire pressure monitor
Tire pressure monitor

Monitoring tire pressure record processing in all new cars since 2008 model and it was applied. Studies illustrated that features are very suitable in fuel consumption and achieving safety. Conditions state that the car is capable of monitoring pressure and alerting the driver when he exceeds the certain amount. Many wheels have been installed with sensors that monitor pressure and sends wireless information to the measurement dashboard of car. These systems are called TPMS and it may require the batteries to be replaced after few years, it often leads to replacing sensors completely. It alerts when losing pressure and gives warning light, but they are the best systems that provide pressure reading in tires. Indirect TPMS systems depend on ABS, wheel speed gauging and interpreting pressure. These systems do not use pressure sensors hence it cannot demonstrate pressure.

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