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Is it finally real? Lose weight without exercise!

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Lose weight with this revolutionary drug!

Scientist have finally achieved the dream of every lazy person who wants to lose weight. They’ve succeeded in developing a revolutionary drug that gives the same benefits as exercising according to the article published on Quartz news on the 17th of September 2016.

The research showed that overweight mice who were given the drug stopped showing heart disease symptoms. According to the associate professor Sean McGee in Deakin university in Australia, biologist have started these researches since 10 years. The purposes were trying to replicate the effect of exercising and through experiments on mice, they found that when the drug was burning fat, it effectively prevented overweight mice from getting heart diseases.

The process and aim of this research

The process began by examining the molecular response of exercise in muscle. The genes which control metabolism turn on during exercise which in return causes the body to burn fat. The research team have identified that protein that keeps the genes turned off most of the time and they were able to genetically manipulate it in order to turn on the metabolism.

It’s worth noting that till now it’s only been tested on rats ;however, the research team hopes that the drug will be available for human use in 5 to 10 years.

Despite how revolutionary this drug could be and how beneficial for diabetics and obesity, McGee said that the drug doesn’t replicate all the effects of exercising. For example, it doesn’t increase the exertion of endorphins ( the ones responsible to ease pain and give a comforting feeling) like you do when you do sport.

Will it make you lose weight?

It’s also noticed that rats injected with this drug, didn’t lose weight. Mackie says that despite the increased energy consumption, the rats ate more meaning that their weight remained relatively the same.

The aim for this research wasn’t rewarding laziness, it was trying to find more alternatives for elderly who can’t exercise whether because of age or illness.

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