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Information on high blood acidity (pH)

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Blood acidity (PH)

The acidity of the blood is a defect in the chemical of the blood; in this case increase the acidity from its usual and normal way, and this condition causes fatigue of the body because of the weakness resulting in the immune system of the human body and that is because the body becomes a suitable environment for the growth of viruses and bacteria that cause a lot of diseases and living in the acidic center. In this article we will show some information about the high blood acidity.

Increase of the blood acidity

  • PH is used to express acidity in the blood and the natural and neutral ratio of this acidity is the number seven. In the case of acidity, the ratio will exceed the normal rate (Seven).
  • When the acid increases, the body tries to use some of its organs to expel the excess ratios and adjust the acidity, such as the kidneys that drive the hydrogen electrolytes out through the urine or the lungs by pumping high oxygen to get rid of the acidic carbon dioxide. Also the alkaline stock of skin and liver can help in this process.
  • If the body can not equate acidity it pulls calcium, magnesium and potassium.
  • Symptoms of the problem include: bad breath, diarrhea, constipation, burning sensation in the roof of the throat causing trouble swallowing, migraines, inability to get rid of liquids, and the body loses many minerals and vitamins that can’t extract and benefit from them, which result in general fatigue in the body, laziness and inability to make any effort or activity, and inflammation of the sinuses and infections of the teeth with necrosis and allergies, and affect the psychological state of the patient with depression, and it may develop to occur weakness in the sight and the injury of the digestive problems with many problems.
  • The most important thing to diagnose high blood acidity is osteoporosis, arthritis, and low blood pressure.

Causes of high blood acidity

  • Having lots of soft drinks and fast food full of fat.
  • Some diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease and heart disease.
  • Excess caffeine intake, such as Coffee and Nescafe.
  • Exposure to stress, sadness, tension, depression and frequent crying.
  • Inhalation of contaminated air filled with toxins and pesticides or eating foods that have been sprayed with pesticides containing harmful substances without washing them.
  • Having plenty of food and drinks full of preservatives.
  • Exercising violently that force the body to experience continuous effort without taking sufficient rest.
  • Having plenty of foods full of carbohydrates, sugars, pasteurized and long-lasting milk.
  • Smoking and addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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