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How to Get Rid Of Your Paunch without Sport

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Getting rid of the paunch is a problem that many people suffer from. The problem of paunch, which is caused by the accumulation of fat, especially in the abdomen, causes them a lot of discomfort, because it affects their appearance and their ability to wear the clothes they love.

As for the causes that lead to its emergence, there are many and the most important are related to the unhealthy diet, so that eating fatty foods accumulate the fat in the body, in addition to many different reasons. So, we will take a set of instructions that help to get rid of the abdomen or paunch, In addition to the most important natural materials such as herbs that help to do so.

How to get rid of your paunch without sport

How to Get Rid Of Your Paunch without Sport

  • The increase in drinking natural juices, water, fluids and especially hot as they help to moisturize the body and improve digestion of food.
  • Stay away from fatty foods.
  • Eat meals at short intervals and not once, where it is advised to be slow, and keep away from eating the food quickly.
  • Commit to having breakfast because it will make you feel full for a long time and avoid eating during lunch.
  • Eat fiber-rich foods such as apples, vegetables, fruits and especially fresh ones.

Natural materials such as herbs to get rid of the paunch

Herbs are the means that depend on the use of natural recipes and substances and are best in the treatment of many problems, including paunch and those herbs include:


The sage contains a set of substances that help improve the digestive system and treat many of its problems.

How to use it

  • Put a quantity of it in hot or boiling water and leave it for 15 minutes then drink it, preferably before the evening, before having dinner.
  • Mix it with other herbs such as chamomile and thyme, and mix then together with hot water and soak then for 15 minutes before drinking them.


How to Get Rid Of Your Paunch without Sport

Cumin is a useful herb that helps digestion, helps the body to get rid of gases in the abdomen, helps prevent the storage of fatty substances in the body and also helps to absorb food.

How to prepare

Put a small amount of cumin in boiled or hot water, stir it well and leave it for ten minutes, and then drink it.

Some might boil a small amount of cumin and add slices of lemon to it too.

Add the ginger, specifically the crushed, with mint leaves to cumin in hot water, and drink it after soaking it for ten minutes.

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