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How to clean the body of nicotine

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Nicotine is one of the toxic organic compounds. This substance is found in many natural plants, especially tobacco. Nicotine is a white color that is yellowed when exposed to various weather conditions. It has a very oil-like liquid texture. As for its smell, it is strong and its taste is hot. Smokers take nicotine in small amounts through the cigarettes they smoke on a daily basis, If taken in large quantities of nicotine, this leads to poisoning and then paralysis in the respiratory system and death, Nicotine is the substance responsible for addiction in smokers, which makes it difficult for them to quit, and with many warnings and awareness of the harmful effects of smoke and its harmful effects on human health, many may resort to different ways to help them to quit smoking. And we will discuss in this article about how to clean the body of nicotine.

How to clean the body of nicotine

There are many foods that contribute to the expulsion of nicotine from the body, which are the most important:


  • Orange belongs to the family of strong citrus, where it is a plant rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C.
  • Oranges help compensate for vitamin deficiencies caused by nicotine in the body.
  • Oranges contribute to reducing the stress and stress that occurs in the body due to the need for nicotine.


  • Broccoli is a plant rich in high levels of vitamins, especially vitamin B5, vitamin C, and B vitamins, and these vitamins are important and necessary to regulate the various processes in the human body.
  • Taking broccoli helps the body compensate for the vitamin deficiencies caused by nicotine in the body, and it regulates metabolism in the human body.
  • Broccoli contains a gene called NRF2, and this gene is important to protect the lung cells from damage.


  • Ginger is important for people who want to quit smoking, as it helps to rid the body of toxins.
  • Studies have shown the effectiveness of ginger in protecting people from unwanted symptoms that cause nicotine to occur.
  • Uncooked ginger is more effective than cooked, and helps people who want to quit smoking.


  • Spinach is a vegetable rich in vitamin B9, “folic acid”.
  • Folic acid plays an important role in helping to get rid of smoking, as it saves the body from nicotine and its harmful effects.
  • Folic acid is important in eliminating the symptoms of withdrawal, which occur as a result of the cessation of taking nicotine and smoke.

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