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How to care for dry hair

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Beauty of hair

Hair is one of the secrets of women’s beauty, it highlight the beauty and elegance of women. Regardless of the quality of the hair if it is dry or greasy, women can pay attention to it to show its beauty. As there are some small details that make the hair incredibly beautiful, for example, a long cut shows the beauty of the face, and the hair can be cut every two months, increasing its growth and beauty, and there are some ways to help to care for the hair and its beauty, and we will explain how to care for dry hair in this article.

How to care for dry hair

How to care for dry hair

The hair affects the beauty of women as it is the secret of their beauty and the key to attractiveness, and the dryness of the hair is one of the most troubles that bother them, where the fadedness of its beauty, makes it difficult to take care of it, and here’s how to care for dry hair.

Choosing the appropriate shampoo for dry hair: Some types of shampoo have an alkaline ratio and can be read on the shampoo bottle or consult with the doctor or pharmacist about it, and this type of shampoo works to break the hair and trichoclasia it, making it dry, when the types of shampoo in which the proportion of acids suitable It is best to treat hair and avoid dryness.

Use of hair balm: Balm is a Moisturizing for the hair, it is the best treatment for dry hair and taking care to it, as it moisturize the hair, taking into account to put it on the hair as long as possible to help in moisturizing the hair, and should avoid the perfumed balm, as it contains a percentage of alcohol which is negatively affects the softness of the hair.

The use of medical oils: you can get these oils from the pharmacy after consulting the condition of the hair and its dryness, where you should warm these oils up and rub the scalp and hair in full with it and then leave it on the hair for 20 minutes at maximum and then washed with the suitable shampoo for your hair.

Drinking water: Drinking water is necessary to moisturize the hair where the health of the hair depends on the body and what it provides to the hair.

Eating Nuts: Nuts contain useful oils as they are rich in fatty acids that supply the body with these acids which in turn leads to the hair.

Causes of hair dryness

How to care for dry hair

There are many reasons that cause hair dryness, some of which are external causes and others are internal causes, that negatively affect the hair and the appearance of its beauty, and the most important of these reasons are as follows:

  • Repeated washing of the hair causes dryness.
  • The repeated use of chemical dyes for hair results in hair damage and loss of its vitality.
  • The use of swimming pools repeatedly harms the hair and makes it dry, because of the chlorine substance in swimming pools.
  • The use of hair dryers constantly and hair iron leads to hair burning.
  • Malnutrition is a leading cause of iron deficiency and vitamin B12 that affect hair health.
  • Some medications cause hair dryness.
  • Mental state and persistent disorders greatly affect the hair and its health.

Tips to avoid hair damage

Some of the behaviors taken by women may negatively affect the health of the hair, and poor handling of hair may cause dry and breaking of the hair. So, you must be careful, and the most important of these negative habits, which should be avoided, are the following:

  • Be careful not to use the brush and the hair is wet, as the hair is moist and prone to cracking, causing trichoclasia.
  • Avoid using a hair stylist frequently or drying the hair at a hot temperature. This will expose the hair to burning and drying.

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