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How does smoking affect women’s beauty?

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Smoking plays a destructive role in human health, and moving away from it is important to prevent a wide range of diseases that are a major cause of it. Also, aesthetically, smoking destroys your beauty either directly or by threatening internal health aspects reflected on the outside, and the following are some of the effects of smoking on the beauty of women:

smoking affect women's beauty

Wrinkles and early aging

Smoking accelerates the appearance of wrinkles, and aging of the skin. As in women smokers look older than non-smokers.

Swelling down your eyes

Nicotine use at night prevents healthy sleep, which day to day leaves unpleasant marks on the eyes, such as bulging and bags in the lower eyelids, a sign that often characterizes women smokers.

The annoying appearance of the mouth

Smoking leaves a lot of bad effects on the mouth, such as changing the color of teeth and turning it into yellow, and the dark color of the gums, as well as contribute to accelerate the loss of teeth, and in terms of health, smoking is a direct cause of mouth cancer.

Changing the color of fingers and nails

Smoking doesn’t only color the teeth, as it is turns the color of nails and fingers that used to hold the cigarette in addition into yellow, making the hands appear bad.

Slow wound healing

That the wounds in smokers do not heal quickly, they are usually suppurate and remain for long periods before recovery, and the scars of these wounds will not easily disappear in smokers.

The glow of the skin disappears

The carbon monoxide in the smoke affects the oxygen content of the blood to the cells of the skin, making it more Pale.

Weaker hair

Smoking soften the thickness of the hair, making the color tends to gray, which means that it loses its brightness, and the impact on the scalp will make hair weaker and more vulnerable to various problems.

Warts and pimples

Women smokers are four times more likely than non-smokers to have warts, pimples, and viral infections of the skin.

Sagging the trunk muscles

Smoking affects the muscles of the trunk, making it look flabby.

Stretch marks

Nicotine is one of the causes of irritating stretch marks on the skin. It directly affects the connective tissue in the skin, causing it to lose elasticity, leading to these previous signs.

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