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How does Chocolate Affect the Brain?

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Chocolate is a traditional food, originally a drink. Since 400 BC, Central American civilizations have crushed cocoa that was their favorite drink, which was then considered a drink of gods, which can provide the person with the energy needed for a full day without eating any Food or drink. There have been many studies on the effect of chocolate on the human body, and the following is its impact on the brain specifically.


How does Chocolate Affect the Brain?

One chocolate expert calls it the evil happiness, in fact, chocolate contains some chemicals that stimulate hormones, or work like them, chocolate specifically stimulate the production of Adromine hormone produced by the brain naturally, and this hormone is responsible for the sense of human happiness and well-being, and It also stimulates secretion of serotonin, which can provide a sense of happiness.

Blood flow to the brain

One of the MRI volunteers was photographed after eating chocolate rich in flavonoids, and an expansion of the cerebral vasculature was observed, which in turn increased the proportion of oxygen in the blood that reaches the brain’s active areas. This expansion resulting from flavonoids material is believed to help in the treatment of sleep disorders and stress, and it can reduce the signs of aging, and can help improve the focus and performance.


How does Chocolate Affect the Brain?

Chocolate contains many known stimulants, some of which make you feel happy. As well as stimulating the brain and making it more effective, chocolate contains a small amount of caffeine and theobromine. Theobromine is weaker than caffeine in terms of stimulation but when received by the body Together, they can raise the feeling of height, and chocolate contains many other stimulants, and all these types of stimulants can improve the activity of the nervous system in the brain and increase the effectiveness of the senses.


The production processes that the cocoa beans are exposed to, may lead to the loss of some of their properties, especially the polyphenols, and now some chocolate manufacturers are resorting to better methods of manufacturing to reduce the loss of some useful properties of cocoa beans.

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