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Healthy benefits of sun rays

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Sun rays are the main regenerated and larger energy source, and affect the surface of the Earth dramatically, it helps plants to grow, and contribute to maintain the temperament of climate in different regions of the earth, and humans, have a good share of the benefits of sun rays, some of them are:

  • Reduce the chance of diabetes in children, studies have proved that vitamin D, which is found in the sun, helps to reduce the chance of diabetes in children who are difficult to treat from diabetes.
  • Reduce the chance of some cancers, and studies have proved that people in areas that are more exposed to ultraviolet rays (B) are the least affected by the following cancers, breast, colon and rectum cancer.
  • Keeps your bones and eyes healthier with age, thanks to the presence of vitamin D in the sun rays.
  • Strengthen the metabolic process in the body, some studies have proved that there is a relationship between exposure to sun rays and increase in metabolic process in the body, and the result of one of these studies, that exposure to rays makes the body automatically respond to the currency of metabolic process.
  • The warmth of sun rays improves the efficiency of blood circulation, which in turn lowers blood pressure, as well as vitamin D, which has proven to be effective in lowering blood pressure, as the effectiveness of drugs.
  • Exposure to sun rays helps in control the biological clock, and it helps to regulate sleep during the night, and sun rays can also help to change your mood and helps to get rid of the pressures.


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