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Fruits, Between the Benefits and Damages: These are the facts

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Although everyone knows that vegetables and fruits are generally healthy and very useful, many experts have recently suggested that they may have adverse health effects, especially because they contain high levels of sugar.

Here are some facts:

Benefits of eating fruits

Here are some positive things you should know about fruits in general:

  1. Sugar is harmful, but … What about fruit sugar?

There is a lot of evidence of the harms of sugar and its many disadvantages, including table sugar and fructose sugar, and many may think that fruit sugar (fructose sugar) applies to this rule.

But this is completely wrong because fructose sugar becomes harmful only if it is over consumed, and it is impossible for a person to eat a very large amount of fruit that causes a difference in fructose levels.

2 – Fruits rich in fiber and water and need to be chewed!

Fruits are rich in dietary fiber and water, and they need time to chew and swallow, making their fructose content gradually enter the liver.

Fructose gradually enters the liver, making it easier for the body to handle the sugar so that it does not cause any harm to the body.

Fruits are also particularly saturated. For example, a large apple can make you feel so full, making you desire to eat less.

  1. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Fruits contain many important and essential nutrients, including fibers, vitamins, minerals and various antioxidants.

It also contains a special type of fiber, which has many benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, and reducing the ability to absorb carbohydrates.

Fruits are generally characterized by their high content of vitamin C, potassium and folic acid, which most people do not get enough of.

There are hundreds of species of fruits in nature, whose contents vary from fruit to another in a large way!

  1. Eating fruits may reduce the chances of some diseases

Several studies have shown that eating fruits regularly can contribute to reducing the chances of the infection of certain diseases, such as:

  • Heart disease especially strokes.
  • Diabetes, in women only.

What’s interesting is that some experts tend to analyze the results of these studies as not specifically related to fruits.

The reason for reducing the chances of infection is because those who regularly eat fruits tend to pursue a healthier lifestyle that is more smoke-free, full of activity and movement.

  1. Eating fruits helps to lose weight

One of the most important things about fruit consumption is that they are heavily saturated, especially orange and apple which are even more saturated than!

So when you eat apples and oranges regularly, you will often feel full, reducing your desire of eating other foods, so this contributes to your long-term weight loss.

Fruit Damages: Do They Really Exist?

Although fruits are generally considered healthy, there are situations that may make them harmful to some, including:

People who do not tolerate fructose, eating fruits may cause them digestive problems.

People who follow a ketone diet, or a low-calorie diet.

Eating fruit in the form of juice or even eating dried fruit may not always be wise, especially the juices in the market that they say are natural but contain added harmful sugar.

Even if the juice is completely natural, it contains in its liquid a large amount of natural sugar, and it is free of fiber, which makes drinking large amounts of it easy.

But when you put the whole fruit in the blender, instead of juicing it, this may be better

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