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Foods can cause problems in digestion

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The nature of the bodies differs from each other. There are many types of allergies that may affect someone, as there are some natural or chemical substances may cause an adverse reaction to the body and one of the problems that someone may suffer from are those related to the digestive system. One suffers from some digestive problems when eating some foods and it is worth mentioning that there are foods that cause problems in the digestive system without it suffering from any defect, and to identify the foods that can cause these problems in the following are the most prominent.

Foods can cause problems in digestion


Broccoli is one of the worst plants that can cause problems in digestion as well as most plants of the same species, and despite the many benefits offered by these plants, but they contain substances that cause an increase in the amount of gases, resulting in swelling and pain.


Soy is a plant that offers great benefits to the human body, but if you suffer from some health conditions such as allergies or thyroid problems, soy may cause some complications, besides the protein form in soy is different from other proteins, as it takes a long time in the stomach to be digested and this leads to many digestive problems.

Dairy products

It is known that dairy cause problems in the digestive system, especially in people who are sensitive to sugar lactose, since there are many bodies that cannot digest this sugar, and cheese, as milk contains proteins that the stomach finds difficult to digest, and therefore, it is recommended to avoid milk by people with digestive problems.


Cabbage is a useful vegetable that contains many nutrients, but cabbage has an effect such as broccoli, which causes the gases in the digestive system to increase and contained together, thus causing bloating. It is worth mentioning that cooked cabbage can be taken to relieve these symptoms. And the best way to do that is by eating cabbage pickled.

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