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Facebook’s New Privacy Policy. Dangerous Must Read!

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It is known in the computer and internet world that nothing is safe on the internet and it’s true for the most part. Most of spend countless hours surfing the internet not knowing the value of it. They feel that they’re just one person in millions of people surfing the internet. However, what they don’t know is that they’re gold mines for companies. Websites like Facebook makes money of you seeing an advertisement and clicking on it. Same as with many websites most widely known Google for their Google Ad system.

In conclusion, you are important on the internet. Each user is considered to be an income. That’s the reason why Facebook announced changing their cookies policy and completely rip the user of any privacy.

Let’s Elaborate Further More:

When you’re on some website for the first time, a message appears telling you that the website is using cookies and may ask you to click accept or not.

Let’s Know What Cookies Firstly Are:

Cookies are small codes and basic information the browser saves from each website. It helps the website to remember you whenever you’re on it again. It’s very simple and of course Facebook is using it.

Facebook Cookies files contain various and important information about you. Your interests, age, activities.. etc.

How Is Facebook Using It?

The new policy states that Facebook has the right to have full access to these files even if you’re not online. Wondering why would they even be interested? The answer is: Ads. As I previously mentioned that you are important. For them, you’re an income.

Some say that the websites using Facebook services such as the like and share buttons are the only that this idea to be applied on but nothing is to officially be announced yet.

The new ads will appear on websites like Google’s and that’s is such a frightening expansion because for all we remember, Facebook is a social network and not an empire.

Is It Really That Bad?

On the flip side of the coin, we’re used  to seeing ads inside and outside of Facebook and for the majority of time we ignore them.

Will This New Policy Create Problems Between Google and Facebook?

Neither Google nor Facebook have the right to make claims the rights to monopolize internet ads and since Facebook won’t be using the same system, it’s safe to say that it’s going to be just a competition. A competition between two titans who control a big part of our lives.

Back To The Main Ingredient, Cookies. 

For advertisers, this is to be a golden ticket for them. As we previously mentioned that they contain your basic information and interests. This will easily allow Facebook to target the ads to certain persons since they have full access to their information. It’ll of course come with a premium price for advertisers because logically, the ad which will be seen by 5000 people in two days, can be seen by the same number in one day.

How to Avoid That?

While you can’t really do something about your cookies files since you check that you agree to terms of use ( which no one reads by the way) when you first created your Facebook account, you can use ad blockers or a incognito browsers which popular browsers now support because it doesn’t save nor uses cookies. Let’s see what the days will bring.

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