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Dr. Oz’s plan to lose weight without any suffering

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Many obese people fail to lose weight, although they follow various types of dieting, where some following exercises and sports systems, while others perform surgeries, yet many still do not feel self-satisfied and depressed.

As obesity is considered one of the most common medical conditions in Eastern and Western societies in particular, there are many health programs to get rid of obesity, and in the following we review ┬áDr. Oz’s plan to lose weight without any suffering or severe diet: –

Dr. Oz's plan to lose weight without any suffering

  • Unloading the refrigerator: – This is the first step in the diet, where the individual must first go to the refrigerator to unload it from all harmful foods.
  • Shopping at grocery stores: – The individual should go to grocery stores to buy vegetables and fresh fruit and store them in the refrigerator.
  • Loss of 100 calories per day: – Reducing the eating of fatty foods and soft drinks helps to reduce 100 kilocalories per day, which facilitates the loss of calories.
  • Decrease of eating: – The individual should reduce the amount of food during periods of breakfast, lunch and dinner, which contributes significantly to weight loss.
  • Preparation for weight loss: – Many people commit serious mistakes in weight loss, as it weakens a lot of temptations, leading them to break the diet and return to previous weight, so the individual must be patient and strong to continue to maintain normal weight.
  • Lip licking: This means licking the lips and taking exhalation when breathing, allowing cold air to flow into the lips. This helps to forget the hunger and refocus to continue the diet.
  • Adding spices to the food: – The addition of some spices such as thyme, cinnamon and ginger helps control the desire of the individual to eat sweet foods.
  • Walking about 10,000 steps per day: – Walking about 10,000 steps daily is almost equivalent to walking about 5 miles, so Dr. Oz is advised to walk about 7 minutes each morning.
  • Check your doctor: – The individual should follow the doctor’s visit to make sure that the individual is not exposed to any serious health problems while following the diet.

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