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Dell Inspiron 17 7778 2IN1: Who needs a 17 inch tablet?

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Overview of the DELL Inspiron 17 7778 2IN1

Dell Inspiron 17 7778
Dell Inspiron 17 7778

A 17 inch convertible laptop from dell with a great display and tablet mode. . It’s available in multiple configurations, you can know all about it here.


The model we have here is rocking a core i7 6500u dual core processor.

12 GB Dual Channel of DDR4 RAM clocked at 2133MHz.

1 tera byte 5400 RPM hard drive + 128GB M.2 SSD. It’s a SATA 3 slot so NVME drives won’t work.

Graphics chip: 940mx with 2GB of GDDR5 RAM.


Dell 7778 I/O

On the right side

Right side I/O
Right side I/O

SD card reader.

USB 2.0

Kensington lock.

Power button.

Volume rockers.

On the left side

Left side I/O
Left side I/O

Combo headphone / microphone jack

USB 3.0 port

HDMI 1.4 port

USB type C port that’s not thunderbolt but you can connect a mini display port or an Ethernet port using adapters and you can actually charge the laptop with it and lastly power in.

You don’t get an optical drive or an Ethernet port.

Build quality

Dell Inspiron i7778 Top Panel
Dell Inspiron i7778 Top Panel
Bottom Panel
Bottom Panel

The top panel has a brushed aluminum accent and the bottom is also aluminum. There’s barely any flex anywhere other than a minor one on the keyboard area when you apply much pressure on it.


By far the best  you can get on a laptop with very deep and clear highs and distinctive lows and a good bass.

The 720p HD webcam is good enough for regular video conferences and the dual digital mic array are of an okay grade but usable.

The keyboard and trackpad

Keyboard and Trackpad
Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard is spacious, bit spongy but without short shifts or enters and all the keys properly positioned and you get a Numpad which is a no compromise for a laptop of this size. It’s also back-lit with white led with 3 levels of brightness 2 different brightness modes and one is off mode.

The trackpad is good. It tracks well, doesn’t skip tracks and it’s big for this huge 17 inch 1080p touch screen display.

The display

Laptop Display
Inspiron 7778  Display

It’s a 17.3 inch full HD display with a resolution of ( 1920 x 1080 ). It can’t be lifted with one finger because of the hinge and the 360 degrees hinge is durable. There’s barely any screen flex. The color accuracy is phenomenal on it as well.

Windows hello is really fast as well with the embedded IR camera.

The tablet mode

The tablet mode that you can use by flipping the screen. The keyboard is disabled when you fully flip the screen to prevent accidental key presses. Choosing the tablet mode and using has been a good experience but due to how enormous the laptop is and how heavy it is, it made it inconvenient.

Battery life

The massive integrated battery will last you about 4 hours of regular use and 1.5 hours of gaming with screen dimmed. The AC is a small 65 Whr.

Thermals and cooling

Dell Inspiron 7778 Inside
Dell Inspiron 7778 Inside

Thermals are great due to the big aluminum chassis dissipating heat. The graphics chip doesn’t get too hot averaging 55 degrees and it’is good for light gaming. In CS:GO maxing all the setting got us about 50 FPS and dropping to 35 in big fights.

League of legends works amazingly well with over 150 FPS during laning with all the settings maxed as well. So with a couple of settings tuning you can achieve that constant 100+ fps by decreasing shadows and disabling anti aliasing.


Ram can upgraded up to 16GB.

M.2 SSD is up to 512 GB.

All that can be reached by removing a bunch of screws on the bottom, making this not a hard process reaching the internal components.

If all you do is casual gaming and light video editing, this is a solid recommendation for you.

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Exceptional performance, solid heavy build quality, spectacular screen and convertible tablet.Dell Inspiron 17 7778 2IN1: Who needs a 17 inch tablet?