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HomedecorDecorate your house with things you already own

Decorate your house with things you already own

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Changing the arrangement of the house furniture or adding some decoration helps to rejoice and change the routine, but sometimes buying some decorations is expensive. Are there some ways you can benefit from some of the things you own to decorate your home? Of course there are many, including the following:

It is possible to use unused vases, can be filled with accessories or fruit of different colors, and of course the colors are consistent, and placed in one corner of the rooms.

If there are some unused dishes, you can use them to place them to keep the keys and change inside, and you can also put some dried flowers to smell fragrant.

If you have a lot of books and finished reading them, you can use them in the decor, you can put the large books on tables or offices, and also you can place the small ones under picture frames.

If you find some extra water or juice jugs, you can use them by putting some of the kitchen stuff on them, such as knives and spoons. Fresh cut flowers can also be placed in them and can be used in the office. They can carry pens and rulers.

Instead of throwing bottles of drinks, you can put the candles inside and put them in the corners of the living room, and prefer to pick bottles are similar and consistent.

You can take advantage of the colorful kitchen towels, can be placed under the vases or temporarily hanged on the walls that need to paint or placed on the kitchen curtains.


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