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Damages of smart devices on the family and society

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The damages of smart devices on the family and the community are between healthy and social, because of the spread of their use among all groups of ages. It is worth mentioning that the smart devices include mobile phones that have emerged in a sophisticated manner in the present, the thing that led to the rapid change of the world. These phones rely on advanced systems for in order to work and get activated, such as the IOS system and the Android system and other systems, and there are many companies that work on the production on these phones, the most important of them are Apple and Samsung, and we can do several things with this Phones, not only to make and receive phone calls, but we also can do things such as downloading different applications, and surfing the Internet and other things.

Health damage of smart devices

Damages of smart devices on the family and society

  • Difficulty sleeping:

Studies and researches have shown that sleep at night next to the phone makes the person have trouble sleeping and waking because of some radiation from the phone and malfunction in the secretion of melatonin in the brain, which is related to the regulation of sleep.

  • Risk of radiation from the device:

There are a lot of radiations from different types of smart devices and mobile phones, which cause some diseases to the user, the most important of which is cancer, because it contains carcinogenic substances that affect the user.

  • Frequent pain and fatigue:

That is the harm and damage that affect the hands, neck and wrist, when pressing on the muscles, which occurs because of the rapid movement in writing on the smart device.

  • Damage to the fetus:

The use of pregnant women to smart devices leads to the effect of brain growth in the fetus, and hyperactivity, and cause some problems at the level of behavior and learning.

Damage of smart devices on Humanitarian and social

Damages of smart devices on the family and society

In addition to the health damages that affect the user of smart devices, there are social and humanitarian damages, and these damages are:

  • It has played an essential role in the formation of human beings and their perception, culture and behavior, because of the weakness role of the family in it, and the presence of smart devices mainly in human life.
  • Retreat the role of parents in raising their children, and their relationships with others.
  • The existence of default communication that has become instead of communication and dialogue between individuals in the same family and society, leading to the weakness of personality in fact, and the tendency of the individual to communicate through these devices.

Means to minimize the use of smart devices

  • Try to practice different activities with friends and family.
  • Determine the purpose of using smart devices.
  • Determine a certain period for smart devices.
  • Put a list of reminders of the damage and risks of smart devices in a place where you can always see it.
  • Try to minimize communication with close associates through smart devices, and to resort to direct communication.

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