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Causes of Headache after Eating

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Headache is one of the most common symptoms of human disease at different times and ages. Headache can be defined as a feeling of pain in any part of the head or on both sides of the head or in one place only. Headaches have several causes. In general, if the headache is chronic, it should not be ignored because it often indicates a hidden problem. One of the most common types of headache that affects a large group of people is the feeling of headache, especially after eating. The symptoms are a feeling of pressure between the eyes and pain on either side of the head or the front of the head. In this article, in this article we will talk about the causes of headache after eating and how to treat it.

Causes of headache after eating

Causes of Headache after Eating

The feeling of headaches after eating and nausea is a common medical condition that needs to receive medical attention to diagnose the cause and receive appropriate treatment, and the causes of headaches after eating:

  • Sudden drop in blood sugar, after eating the pancreas secrete a high amount of insulin to avoid a rise in sugar level, which reduces the level of sugar in the blood and the person feels headaches.
  • High blood pressure. If you eat a large amount of salt, the salt will attract water into the bloodstream, leading to increased blood volume and therefore increased blood pressure, which in turn will lead to headaches after eating.
  • Food allergies, as some people get headaches when they eat only certain types of food. This is because the body is sensitive to these types. When taken, the body releases allergens such as histamine, which will cause headaches.
  • The inability to tolerate foods such as lactose or gluten is one of the main causes of headache after eating, as when eating foods that the body can’t tolerate will lead to the emergence of several symptoms, including diarrhea and headaches.
  • In some cases it may be due to more complicated conditions such as twin triple nerve pain.
  • Migraine headaches, some may suffer from migraine headache after eating certain types of food, such as chocolate, citrus or yogurt.
  • Esophageal reflux, when eating certain foods such as oils, will increase the secretion of stomach acids temporarily, leading to headaches, nausea and vomiting.

Curing headaches after eating

Causes of Headache after Eating

Most people resort to reducing headaches through simple home remedies. The first way to treat headaches after eating is to identify foods that cause headaches and refrain from eating them.

  • Simple exercise such as walking and swimming, it has been found to reduce headaches.
  • Gentle massage of the head, this reduces pain and headache.
  • Trying to relax and meditate after eating, this reduces headaches.

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