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Causes of enlarged lymph nodes

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Lymph nodes

They are known as the lymph nodes and are located throughout the body. They form an important part of the immune system. They help the human body to identify, and fight infections, germs and all foreign substances that can lead to disease. The lymphatic system consists of a network of lymph nodes, organs and vessels that are in all parts of the body, and most of them are located in the neck and head area, and often exist inflated under the chin and neck, and in the thigh and under the armpit, in some rare cases enlarged lymph nodes occurs Priority of cancer.

Causes of enlarged lymph nodes


  • Because of the fungal infection, as it increases the swelling of the nodes in a very rapid way, then it becomes soft, and the immune system orders the immune cells when the nodes begin to enlarge to fight the infection. Some of the examples on this infection include tooth problems and cold, tonsillitis and throat, flu.
  • Skin diseases that can affect the head, in addition to genital inflammation, and inflammation of the areas under the armpit and arm.
  • Viral or bacterial infections often cause the swelling of these nodes, but soon the condition returns as it was.
  • Cancer cells may cause this inflation as a result of its expansion into these nodes, and this happens in leukemia and skin cancer, where and swelling is slow and painless.
  • Taking medications that cause these nodes to inflate and return to normal when the patient stop taking them, such as drugs used to treat TB, arthritis, and glycogen-related immunodeficiency diseases.

Symptoms of enlarged lymph nodes

  • Some of the symptoms that occur when inflammation of the respiratory tract, such as a sore throat, feeling severe pain in the ear, and impetigo in children, where the impetigo is a skin disease affecting children only, in addition to the cold.
  • Low appetite level, high temperature.
  • Infection or stiffness in the neck.
  • May lead to inflammation of the eye, resulting in burning feeling and redness, and feeling dry in the eye area.

Treating the problem of enlarged lymph nodes

  • There is no need to worry when the causes are viral and bacterial infections or even common causes. These nodes need about a week to return to normal after taking the drugs.
  • In other cases, the doctor looks for causes and asks the patient some questions related to weight loss, diets and temperature rise to be able to reach the final diagnosis, and a sample may be taken for testing.

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