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Benefits of Lavender Oil

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Lavender oil

Lavender oil is one of the essential oils extracted from lavender or lavender flowers by distillation and evaporation. It is characterized by a mild aromatic fragrance. That’s why it is widely used in perfumery, aromatic candles and air fresheners. It also blends with other main oils such as musk, pine and wood in order to set the smell and give it more bond, as this oil has many benefits and uses known to humans since ancient times.

Benefits of lavender oil

Its benefits for skin

Benefits of Lavender Oil

  • Eliminate infections and bacteria that cause pimples and acne because they contain disinfectant and sterile substances.
  • Massaging the area around the eyes gently moisturizes this area and increases the blood pump in it, which prevents the emergence of dark circles, swelling, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles around the eye area.
  • It fights and relieves symptoms of skin diseases such as redness and itching.
  • It reduces the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis by increasing the moisturizing of the skin and thus accelerates the healing and immune the body from that disease again.
  • Purify and moisturize the skin and reduce the effects of burns caused by exposure to the sun, and cooling the skin because of high temperature due to burns, especially if it was added to the boiled chamomile.
  • Fight cracking, dryness of the hands and itching caused by it especially with cold weather.

Its benefits for hair

Benefits of Lavender Oil

  • Massage the scalp and hair from the roots until the limbs after the bath works to increase the gloss of the hair, and the decomposition of hair, also increases the moisturizing of the hair and scalp.
  • Eliminate lice and their eggs and prevent their spread in hair.
  • Prevent the appearance of fungi in the scalp, as well as prevent the formation of the crust and eliminate them in case they appear.
  • Relieve hair itch.
  • Strengthen the hair and prevent the its fall and bombardment by making an oil bath for the hair of natural lavender oil.
  • It fights and prevents the development of alopecia.

General benefits of lavender oil

  • Preparation of perfume.
  • Manufacture of chemicals for the cleaning and disinfection of kitchens, floors and bathrooms.
  • Manufacture of soap and shampoo.
  • Calming the nervous system and eliminating stress, insomnia, by massaging the body with it or adding a few drops of it to the face steaming water or adding it to the bathtub water; as it helps to relax and calm the nerves.
  • Strengthening immunity in humans.
  • It removes the sweat and eliminates germs and bacteria that cause sweat and unpleasant odors, by using it as an alternative to the chemical deodorant.
  • Use it as a perfume for the body and hair constantly in the pre-wedding or celebration period as its smells lasts for a long time.
  • Aromatize clothes and fabrics by adding it to rinsing water.
  • Inhalation of lavender oil with water by fumigation, eliminates respiratory diseases.

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