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Basics of Proper Nutrition of the Body

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Healthy food

Having a healthy balanced diet is the key to getting a healthy body. For the body to be able to work properly, it needs essential nutrients and energy. A person can get minerals, vitamins and all the necessary elements by eating different foods in specific quantities. Maintaining the weight within the normal limit, that in turn helps in the prevention of diseases and in this article we will talk about the basics of proper nutrition of the body.

Basics of proper nutrition of the body

There are many misconceptions about the basics of proper body nutrition. Proper nutrition does not mean depriving the body of certain types of food, strict adherence to the rules, or significantly reducing weight, but is much simpler and easier to implement. And one of the most important basics of proper nutrition of the body to follow:

  • Food should be varied, balanced and not limited to one category of food.
  • Do not overuse sodium and salts; as excessive sodium intake has been linked to blood pressure, heart and kidney diseases.
  • Eat seafood at least twice a week. Fish and oysters are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for heart and brain health.
  • Eat foods rich in fiber daily, such as vegetables and whole grains, it is characterized by low calories and thus reduces weight, as well as the importance of the health of the digestive system and skin.
  • Eat foods rich in calcium daily, the body needs calcium to build bones and teeth and the nervous system and to regulate heartbeat, and the most calcium-rich foods are milk and its derivatives.
  • Taking protein in moderation, as the basics of proper nutrition of the body is to eat proteins, which is an important source of energy, and can be obtained from meat or plants.
  • Eat complex and unrefined carbohydrates, and keep away from sugars and refined carbohydrates, as basics of proper nutrition of the body is to reduce the intake of starches and increase the intake of whole grains, to avoid overweight and accumulation of fat in the waist.
  • Limit the intake of refined sugars, and this helps to reduce the incidence of diabetes.

Tips for proper nutrition of the body

Basics of Proper Nutrition of the Body

There are some bad health habits that destroy the body and cause harm to it, which must be avoided, and the most important tips to follow to get a healthy body:

  • Moderation in eating, which is the first basic of the proper nutrition of the body, and that means eating without excessive or wasting any intake, sufficient quantity only, as the proliferation of eating any type of food, even if it was healthy it will cause damage to the body.
  • Drink enough water throughout the day.
  • Having small meals of food and not eating a large amount of food at once.
  • Do not neglect breakfast at all, as it works to stimulate the metabolism of the body and give the body energy to do its work.
  • Having dinner before sleeping for at least two hours.
  • Eating vegetables and fruits when you feel hungry between meals.
  • Diversity in food and lack of focus on eating only one category.

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