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A 1000 years old human is alive in this present day?!

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Has Human lifespan reached its top limit?

A new study refuted a theory that promotes aging engineering and claims that the first human being to reach the age of 1000 is probably alive in the present day.

The study recommends that people focus on enjoying their life and look after their health as long as they can. ‘’ it’s where we should invest our money’’.

The idea of lengthening human lifespan has acquired many people’s mind hundreds of years ago. As for scientists, their interest in that idea has increased recently that many Silicon Valley companies has joined academic institutions in an attempt to understand the issue of longevity. California Life Company, subsidiary to Google, is one of these companies. They made attractive prizes to whoever reaches an achievement in this field, According to the Guardians journal.

These researchers, whom findings was published in Nature magazine, describe how a records analysed by a number of international databases shows that there’s an upper limit to human age, and that we have already reached it.

The oldest centenarian


A 145 years Indonesian man claimed to be the oldest human on earth. According to a report published by the British Daily Mile journal on the 7th of September 2016, Mubah Guthu, born in 31 December 1870, is 145 years old according to the document acknowledged by the Indonesian officials.

Most of people Guthu knew have died, he has lived more than his 10 siblings and naturally more than his 4 wives, the last one died in 1988.

After the death of all of his children, he now lives with his grandchildren and his great-grandchildren and their children.

The longest age

Human aging process
Human aging process

A team of American researchers said that the French Jane Loewy Coalman, who died in 1997 at the age of 122, has the highest age record, and it’s more likely that no one will break that record.

‘’we probably have reached for the first time the highest age we could live’’ said Jean Vic from Albert Einstein faculty of medicine in New York and one of the researchers.

On the other hand, the French Audrey De Grey, the head-scientist in  Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation )SENS(, declared that the first human to reach the age of 1000 is probably alive in the present day.

By analyzing 41 countries and regions’ death rate database, researchers found that life age expectancy has increased in last century. According to Vic, it’s due to factors such as the development of the birth and maternity care techniques, providing clean water and the development of antibiotics and vaccines and other medical precautions.

Since 1990, when the agers reached the age of 70 and above, there has been an improvement in the rate of surviving. We can find they benefited, but for whom age is 100 or above, the improvement rate decreases rapidly. ‘’as for the oldest agers, we haven’t discovered a way to reduce the amount of deaths yet’’ sais Vij.

Hannah Holastig from Frey University in Amsterdam, who works with the aging of the centenarians, earlier made researches on a super Poland centenarian called Hendrek Van Andelle Shipper, who died at the age of 115. Holastig says that the new study points out that ‘’there’s a limit to human age that medicine can’t bypass’’

‘’when dying at the age of 70 with a heart disease, rest of body organs are good, therefore, a medical intervention would prolong age when treating the heart disease. Unlike centenarians, the issue passes heart disease to a body full of weak and old organs’’ – she added.

As for Kirkwood, He says: ‘’ there’s no specific program for the aging when we know that the death of the cells and organs is certain, but even without a change in the biology of aging, the current record will be destroyed without a doubt.”

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