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8 tips to capture better photos by any camera

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Best tips and tricks to capture magnificent photos!

It is not required to have the best camera and lens in the world to capture wonderful and impressive photos, on the contrary you can do that with your phone camera or even digital and not professional camera; you should know well what to do and you will find out that your photos became more beautiful no matter what type of camera is used in the process.

The secret lies within the techniques of photography and not the camera itself. In this regard, professional English photographer Sean Tucker tell us some tips to make your photos -regardless of the camera type- to be almost as professional as the most distinguished photos taken by the best cameras in the world.

What are these tips? Let’s see together!

1- Know the good light


First and most important tip is to practice yourself to know the good light when you see it; you can practice every day even without a camera. Any camera captures the light coming to it, some of it is wonderful and strong and some is simple; but the essence is always the light.

You should learn how to recognize and appreciate the good light this is the most important step, after capturing this light the rest will be easy. Does the light come across tree leaves beautifully? Does it dance in reflection on the water surface in a spectacular view? Does it reflect distinctive shades? If you are able to recognize the good light, you are half way to be a good photographer.

2- Arrange the scenery

Lighthouse rule of thirds
Lighthouse rule of thirds

To Accommodate all that shows up in the photo you decided to shoot- do not be surprised if any unwanted elements showed up later on- and for the picture to be ornate and moderate; all you have to do is to arrange the scenery.

How to arrange the scenery? The easiest way is the old customary way which is called “The Rule of Thirds”; to sum it up, you should imaginary divide the scenery before you with two vertical lines intercepted by two horizontal lines to form 9 squares that divides the scenery to 9 parts. Then, you will be aware of all the elements that exist in every single part.

May be it sounds complicated at the beginning, but soon you will get used to it by practice. This will quickly help you analyze the scenery before deciding to point your lens towards it to shoot. Moreover, it will teach you when to not care about all of that in a few different cases.

3- In photography, content is everything


One clear point that does not need much explanation, you should ask yourself what you are going to shoot? What is the content of the photo? Is it something exciting? Should the thing photographed be interesting, so your photo could attract attention?

Your photo may be repeated and had been taken a thousand times before, but this is not what makes it boring. To overcome your fear of this point, you should take a photo that tells a story or perpetuates a scene at the time. Fallen and scattered foliage with children playing amid them, charming light coming from behind those hills, the person walking on the wayside wearing that strange hat.

4- Don’t ignore the background

Background is important

If you want to take a photo of someone or something, do not forget that this person is not the only thing that will come up in the picture. Ask yourself what are the things that will show up with him? Look at everything and not only the target. If you found the surroundings of your target not suitable, then moving around the target and slightly deviate from another angle may completely change the whole situation.

To what extent is the background lit or dim? What is the dominant color in it? Does it distinguish you photographic target or not? All these questions will help you choose the perfect angle to capture a photo.

5- Look at your target from a different angle

Taking photos with different angles
Taking photos with different angles

We usually see what are in front of us and take a photo of it, but why don’t you try looking at it from a different angle? Try capturing your photo from somehow higher or lower point and you will see the difference.

Always think outside the box, and try new positions and angles for photo shooting and the outcome will be surprising.

6- Capture the details

The details
The details

In addition to photographing people and places, you have to closely look at the small things that pass by us without giving any attention to them, because they are always there. Train your eyes to notice the specific details so you can see the beauty of small things and for your lens to distinguish.

Shoot the pattern of tree leaves and the wonderful lineages on them, this static bug unaware of your presence, these marks on the ground caused by car tires. Many things if you had paid attention to, you would have taken quite impressive photos.

Even if you were using your phone camera, cell phones have the ability to focus on certain elements and blur the others. You will find out that the specific details are more distinguished by focusing on them regardless of the other contents of the photo.

7- Look for the lines

Lines are important
Lines are important

You will find lines around you everywhere, wires of electrical towers, stems of trees and palm trees, marks that separate road lanes; they are all forms of beautiful parallel lines that you can wittingly use in your photo.

You can make those lines surround your photographic target; this may help you concentrate on your target with a coordinated pattern of lines or you can merge those lines together creatively with your photographic target to have a better view for shooting.

8- Wait for the perfect moment


This is where all the former tips connect and are crowned by the magical press that will perpetuate this moment forever. So instead of getting out your phone to capture the thing before you and finish it off easily, why don’t you wait a few seconds before taking the photo until you see the effect of light, perfect angle, background, another place of creative angle.

But wait, if you thought for a while you will find out that you will have a better photo if you slowed down a bit. Two people talking to each other and one of them looks happy, looks like a laugh is coming and here it is, shoot!

Your sister smiling steadily in front of her birthday cake that is filled with lit candles waiting for your photo, but her hands is unintentionally getting near to the candles flame. Let’s wait for the real fun to start of a moment she will never forget!

The perfect moment always give you special splendor to the photo and set it apart from any similar photo. What is better than taking a photo is making it.

What are you waiting for? Give it a shot and show us the outcome!


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