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Your Boss Already Hates you. 7 Methods To Make Your Boss Hate You.

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How can your relationship with your boss affect your career progression?

Undoubtedly career success is directly connected to success in daily routine therefore it’s directly related to a good relation with your boss.

Although this is a fact that everyone knows very well, we often easily forget about it. According to a report published by Psychology Today, it mentioned that the manager is the person who controls promotions in a work place. However, many of us work with different managers whether he’s the head of a voluntary committee or other sorts of activities that involves having someone in control. It seems that life always has some whom we need to impress them.

The report also mentioned a study that was undertaken by Peter Kim a professor at the university of Oakland in Australia and his research team about evaluating the 2016 performance. In which he matched 220 pairs of employees and their managers and it was proven that a synchronization between both individuals only foretells of a healthy relationship and a better performance measure than evaluating both the employee and the manager individually. Thus, seeing yourself through the eyes of your manager is a very important step towards improving your relationship with him.

According to the study, if you think that your performance is better than what your manager thinks of you, it’ll lead to some hate and suppressed anger when constructive¬†come in play. Thus knowing your strengths and weaknesses will make you a better employee and easier to supervise.

Another interesting advice based on a research made in 2014 at the university of Washington in USA summarized that waking up early for your morning shift is a great method of impressing your manager, however, if you have the night shift, it denies you that method unless of course the managers themselves prefer night shifts.

Arriving early for work is a great way is a great way of showing your dedication and how punctual you are which in return contributes to how your boss sees you as a punctual employee. Just make sure not to keep mentioning it because it’ll only show you a bit flamboyant.

Here is 7 ways to ” Annoy” your boss.

1- Showing your excellence

Remember arriving early for work? yes, stress that. By expressing your superiority and excellence in the room through body language gives the impression that the boss isn’t charismatic enough to lead a conversation.

2- Arrive late

arriving early and hinting about it is already annoying enough but arriving late is even worse. Whether it’s passive aggression or other forms of showing your aggression towards him, it’ll for sure make him so irritated.

3- Focus on yourself negating your team

showing your ability to work as an individual denying your team effort and credit will not only irritate him bt also your team.

4- Ignore being polite and personal behaviors around your boss

how you act in meetings, staring at your phone or laptop and avoiding eye contact. Starting side conversations and interrupting them. Such behaviors shows your inability to stick with the common polite behavior.

5- Complain to the boss of your boss

There isn’t a better way to weaken your relationship with your boss than going behind his back. Don’t make going to the boss of your boss the first thing to do when you have something to complain. Instead try speaking with your boss first and trying to reach for a mutual understanding.

6-  Cross the known limits of your relationship with your boss

by crossing that limit and raiding his personal life then sharing it with others will definitely make your boss incredibly irritated and taken advantage of.

7- Lie

not telling the truth especially at work is a foolish thing to do because sooner or later, it will be busted and it will for sure destroy your boss’ confidence in you.


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